OceanCrest Transport Inc is considered one of the world’s most prestigious companies for chartering, shipping and logistics operations. With its head office based in Montreal, Canada, the company has earned the respect of the entire shipping community on an international level. The company’s European branch is strategically located in Geneva, right in the middle of the grain trade. Both the Montreal and Geneva-based offices co-operate to offer continuous and uninterrupted service at all times. Our bridge is always on the watch. With a combined 50-year experience, our team has accumulated a variety of resources and knowledge shaping our stellar reputation as honest, discrete, responsible, hardworking and enthusiastic. OceanCrest Transport Inc has built a vast network of partners, especially in the African trade since the company’s main focus primarily targets the Atlantic basin. In addition to that, our company is one of a select few with expertise in multiple discharge port operations with bulk cargo in or out of any destination. OceanCrest Transport Inc always aims for excellence and works in the utmost professional approach to chartering and operating vessels to ensure very fast delivery. Our core business is the management of our voyages from beginning to end, including: Fixing vessels at competitive rates. Arranging and coordinating full operating services from load to discharge berths at destination, which includes appointing and supervising agents, surveyors, stevedores and inspectors. This is done with a vast repertoire of expertise in the shipping community while always ensuring full confidentiality and special care of our customers’ cargoes. Negotiating the most efficient stow plans in conjunction with multiple ports of discharge in an aim to attain the best possible economy of scale result. Calculating and negotiating bunkers which include arranging for fueling vessels while at berth, via barge or ship to ship bunkering off shore. Sending our experts to the discharge ports to ensure smooth discharging operations of our vessels with little or no delay, weather permitting; while supervising to make sure that all the cargo is delivered with as little shortages as possible. We are proud to combine our first class shipping services with exclusive specialties: The ability to accurately interpret constantly moving and trending freight markets, and produce market reports for our clients accordingly. The capability of offering freight services on both Time Charter and Voyage basis. The possession of a linked platform of intelligence to follow all of our vessels and have a constant look at the world freight business. The construction, supervision and installation of several types of hold separations when required. The correlation with a solid judicial department with specialists in all aspects of our trading areas. The perfect knowledge and experience in several load ports areas, particularly in Canada and France (Europe). OceanCrest Transport Inc’s low profile strategy and method of operating enable it to ensure a professional relationship with the most reputable Ship Owners throughout the world that is second to none. OceanCrest is known as being trustworthy, reliable and accountable while exercising all of its functions and responsibilities. Those assets are the pillars behind a healthy correlation with a vast number of successful Ship Owners seeking to regularly fix Ocean Crest vessels. Working through a small group of elite brokers, OceanCrest has a particular exclusive position in Canada due to its experience in the business and its continuously growing continental reputation. In addition to the above and through its first-class chartering clients, a large range of international commodity trading companies appreciate OceanCrest’s tailor-made and distinct services. TONY PORRACCIO is our Canadian CEO, with over 30 years of vast experience ranging from grain, to shipping and other related markets. With his good communication skills and friendly respectful approach, Tony knows the need to service and fully meets the requirements of clients; he stands firm on getting the job done while satisfying all parties involved. STEPHANE GAYTE is our European desk manager with over 15 years of experience in the shipping community. He is able to manage both port and vessel operations and quickly resolve any related issue. His expertise and precise attention to details give him an advantage to foresee any problem that might occur on a daily basis; Stephane lets very little get past him, if anything at all. ANNA DI LELLA is our back office and operation manager. She controls and ensures that every task in our business is executed in a timely manner in order to maintain continuity of the process from beginning to end. Actively involved in every aspect of our organization since more than 20 years, Anna is an instrumental member to our reputation. NINA FORLINI is OceanCrest’s welcoming voice and a highly important supporting role to all her colleagues. Being well informed of all the aspects of the business, Nina is Anna’s assistant as well as her back up; and with her dedication and hard work she is an important member of our team.

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A Blog Post

From the St Lawrence to the Wouri River!

This year we had the pleasure to accompany our Canadian partners at Fednav on their first trip to Africa.
Being one of our most important destinations, we chose Cameroon for this visit.
The schedule included a tour of the Port of Douala and meetings with the authorities as well as visits of several customers and their factories.
Furthermore, we visited the new port of Kribi the day before its inauguration as well as Limbe.
It was a very rewarding first experience for our Canadian visitors who call the port of Douala regularly (mainly with us) and to whom we have been proud to present this important destination.
A big thank you to all of our Cameroonian customers for their very warm welcome.

April 17th, 2018